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The Company

The Star Ledger (6/19/04, Robert Johnson)
"Typically James' Dancers don't hold anything back. They perform with an intensity that frightens, yet it is their dramatic subtlety that makes [it] so convincing."
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The Star Ledger (12/27/00, Robert Johnson)
Named one of the "Best Performances of 2000"
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The Virginia Gazette (11/10/93 5C, John Shulson)
"Dance that is thematically based on universally shared emotions, ageless truths with contemporary applications."
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The Village Voice (4/20/93, Elizabeth Zimmer, p.90)
"New Jersey's liveliest dance ensemble..exquisite detail..flashes of drama and physical virtuosit..nourishing stuff."

The Home News Tribune (7/11/96, Karyn D. Collins)
"A Hot Ticket"
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The New York Times
"Emotion..choreographic variety and vitality..passion as well as ingenuity."

Badische Neueste Nachrichten (Germany) (11/2/94)
"Intuitive and organically grown motions mixed with acrobatic jumps and lifts..strong, physical and emotional expressiveness."
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  Among the Stars That Have A Different Birth

Caymanian Compass (Grand Cayman, 10/10/03, Searlina Bodden)
"There was no doubting the physical prowess of the Dancers who performed this acrobatic and highly visual take on this art form..."
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  Looking East

The Star Ledger (12/27/00, Robert Johnson)
"...Randy James reaches a personal benchmark with "Looking East"....James leavens his usual rough-and-tumble style with movements of extreme delicacy - even stillness."
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The Home News Tribune
(6/15/00, Karyn D. Collins)
"Stunningly thoughtful work...a magical moment"
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The Star Ledger (6/13/00, Robert Johnson)
"..the dance focused on elegant details and breathed a delicate atmosphere ... soothing and sensual as well as exuberant."
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  The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Home News Tribune (1/14/98, Karyn Collins)
"and absolute masterpiece"
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The Star Ledger (1/11/99, Robert Johnson)
"James has done an outstanding job adapting this tale for the stage...James, a dancemaker whose spirit seems to revel in good-natured, choreographic hijinks, has a winner in this delightful children's fable."
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The Trenton Times (1/13/99, Anne Levin)
"It isn't easy to come up with a dance production that entertains children and adults alike. But..James has succeeded at doing that and more."
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With Alligators in the Bayou (you waterski real good)

The New York Times (10/10/94, Jennifer Dunning)
"A high energy hoe-down..happy exhausting work-out that was fun to watch."
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The New York Times (10/29/96, Jack Anderson)
"...a good-natured romp, brought the evening to a festive close."
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