Randy James, who has recently received the NJ Governor's Award in Arts Education, is a leader in his field and completely committed to arts education. Randy James Dance Works has been one of the few qualified groups that have been actively participating in the seminars and training sessions hosted by the New Jersey State Council on the Arts, Young Audiences of New Jersey, and the New Jersey Performing Arts Center along with Arts Horizon. Recently, the New Jersey Department of Education has been introducing new core curriculum standards for the arts that are now required at the middle and high school levels. Randy James and his company have been instrumental in providing training for schoolteachers and teaching artists as well as instruction directly for the students. RJDW offers a variety of educational programming opportunities suited to the needs and interests of the presenter including, performances that introduce students to modern dance and extended residencies that encourage the development of innate motor skills, creativity, and self-awareness.
  Dance for Joy 2010 - Lecture Demonstration
Grades K - 12

RJDW presents a fully costumed lecture-demonstration entitled "Dance for Joy," which is specifically geared towards children and young adults and is a great introduction to modern dance and choreography. The lecture-demonstration includes excerpts from several of James' diverse works in order to show a wide range of choreographic possibilities, as well as an audience participation section that physically engages the students and challenges them to try their own hands at choreography. Finally, a post-performance discussion closes the lecture-demonstration, offering audiences further insight and comprehension of the choreography, the lives of the dancers, and dance as an art form.
  The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Grades K-12

This family oriented modern dance adaptation of C.S. Lewis' The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is performed in the full-length 70-minute version or the 45-minute version for in-school performances. The classic tale beautifully lends itself to dance interpretation through a myriad of visual and literary analogies and social, religious and political interplay.
  View From the Hudson - Lecture Demonstration
Grades 6-12

This program is based on the recently debuted and critically acclaimed dance piece inspired by the events of September 11th. Commissioned by the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, "View From the Hudson" explores many subjects relating to the terrorist attacks, including the emotions felt in their wake. In the lecture-demonstration, the dancers alternately perform movement gestures based upon words relating to terror and the attack. Students learn skills, which help them to better understand how to watch and understand movement. Audience participation sections give the students helpful hands-on experience of this investigation and the choreographic process.

Related Movement Workshops

Dance for Athletes
Grade K-12
This custom-made workshop is designed to be a supplemental athletic conditioning class, well rounded to suit any athletic group to whom it is taught. Dance for Athletes combines a full-bodied workout featuring movements and ideas frequently used by dancers to achieve optimal physical performance. The fluidity of a dance vocabulary encourages technical movement analysis, such as focusing and utilizing the abdominal core and other major muscle groups.

Turning Movement into Dance
Grade Level: K-12
Students learn how everyday gestures and simple rhythms can form the basis of dance. They discover the connections between rhythm and mathematics music and language and balance and science. Choreography is taught as an exercise in problem solving and geometry.

Dancing Across the Curriculum
Professional Development Workshop
Not available to students. Participants will learn and/or continue to develop problem solving techniques, spatial relationships, creativity, and the ability to work with others. The primary goal is to develop a stronger sense of the creative processes, innate motor skills, self-esteem, artistic influences, and kinetic/body awareness. Teachers and administrators will learn that they can incorporate dance into their curriculums. For example, the workshop will bridge music and rhythm with mathematics, language with movement, and anatomy and balance with science. Instruction will also focus on problem solving, relation to others, and the universal communication of movement and dance.

Traditional Workshops
Recognized for community-based residencies, RJDW has given hundreds of master classes, lecture-demonstrations, and workshops benefiting thousands of people of every age throughout the world. RJDW is composed of well-trained and talented dancers and teachers, capable of presenting master classes and workshops, beginner through advanced technical levels of the following movement interests: RJDW Repertory, Modern, Ballet, Pointe, Modern Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, Improvisation/Contact Improvisation, Composition, Stretch, Strength/ Personal Training, Gymnastics, Yoga, Pilates, Creative Movement for Children